• techology
    1 color coating workshop
    The coated line mainly including vertical slitting machine, etc. The annual production capacity reaches to 25000tons and the main products consists of aluminum plastic composite plate, aluminum single plate, corrugated plate, etc., which are specially used in coil coated products, aluminum-coated wall plate, etc.

  • 2 The foil rolling workshop

    There are vertical slitting machines,horizontal slitting machine, annealing furnace in foil rolling workshop, The annual production capacity reaches to 230,000tons and the main products include electronic foil, medical foil, food-packaging foil,adhesive tape foil,food container material and honeycomb foil,foil for cigarettes and beer, etc., which are widely used in electronic and appliance, packaging, etc.
  • 3 cold rolling workshop
    There are tension leveling machine, flying shear, cold rolling workshop, The annual production capacity reaches to 550000tons,mainly products are consisted of PS plate base\CTP plate base, material for bottle caps, mirror aluminum, mobile phone battery shell, etc., which are generally used in printing, packaging, building, etc.
4 hot rolling workshop
There are 1+4hot rolling mill production line,quenching line, 3,000tons sheet stretcher, etc in hot rolling workshop ,The annual production capacity reaches to 500,000tons and the main products consists of alloy aluminum sheet, alumina plate, deep-drawing aluminum plate, etc. which are widely used in transportation, electrical and electronic, packaging,etc.
5 Good Performance
We can extracted thin-layer alumina with the thickness of 5~20μm from aluminum plate in chemistry experiments. This product is characterized by high hardness, insulativity, high thermal conductivity, resistance to corrosion and adsorption capacity.
6 Advanced Tension-leveling Machine
The advanced Italian tension-leveling machine can produce good plate shape without scratching and surface defect.
7 International Production Line
The first and only one international production line in China is researched and developed by ourselves, with high precision integrated plate type crown control system to improve quality. Moreover,  continues casting and rolling  improves the annual production to 450,000 tons, which is a big breakthrough.